"FREE-ON-LOAN" FOR HOSPICE PATIENTS - Audio Bible Player with Hymns (Instrumental Piano & Violin)

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Accessible Audio Bible player with instrumental hymns with piano and violin. No vocals.

Must provide proof of Hospice care in the USA.

Limited quantity available.  First come, first serve.  If we don't receive hospice documents within 24 hours of receiving order, shipment will be canceled.  Email documents to bibles@auroraministries.org or fax to 941-748-6137.

We only ask the player is returned to us when no longer needed, so we can provide to others under hospice care. If you wish to order this item to keep, without returning, you may order this item at https://www.auroraministries.org/collections/megavoice-pocket-bible/products/audio-bible-player-with-hymns


Press the Blue button to hear the Bible / Press the Brown button to hear the Hymns.

Play out loud using the internal speaker or plug in headphones for private listening.

Press the pause button before turning off to save your place and resume play next time the player is turned on.