Talking Bible Player

Talking Bible player is a basic Audio Bible player that allows the user to switch between Old and New Testament, but also has four buttons to allow easy navigation between books & chapters. 

The Handheld Talking Bible Player is about 5″ x 3.5″ and weights 5.3 oz and runs on 3 double A batteries (AA). 3 AA Batteries included.

NOTE:  This player no longer auto bookmarks your exact place when turning off.  It now returns to chapter 1 of the Book you were listening to when it was turned off

Discounted Price is $49.95 print disabled users. ** Users must qualify as blind, legally blind, or print-handicapped **  Proof of impairment or certification of Impairment is required for this subsidized cost.  Contact us for discount code. Tel. 941-748-3031or email to  Fax certification to  941-748-6137 or scan and email to

All others can purchase for $59.95

USPS Domestic Priority Shipping is included. 




talking bible player button layout


King James Version – KJV 

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