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What is the Make 'm Smile event?

The BIGGEST party celebrating kids with special needs(VIPs)! This annual community festival is the first Saturday of June in Downtown Orlando for kids and adults with all types of special needs and their families! In 2019, Make 'm Smile hosted 45,000 participants, including 3,000 VIPs, and this year, we expect an even bigger bash as we celebrate 16 years of smiles!

What does Aurora Ministries do at Make 'm Smile?

Each year, Aurora Ministries sets up a booth and gives away free audio resources to the "VIPs," like the Portrait of Jesus (Children's version) on audio CD, Children's Bibles and devotionals on MP3/CD, and Wildlife StoryTellers.  We also show VIPs and their families our accessible Audio Bibles, which are easy to use by blind, visually impaired, and even kids with special needs.

Last year we gave more than 100 free Audio CD's about Jesus.  And because of sponsors, we were able to give out 30 Wildlife StoryTellers to VIPs.  We wish we could give each and every child a Wildlife StoryTeller, but we can't do it alone.  We need your help!

What is a Wildlife StoryTeller?

Wildlife StoryTellers are accessible handheld players with the "Story of Jesus," which is a dramatized story told from the perspective of children who met Jesus.  Each of these players fit inside a pocket in our Wildlife Pals, which are soft, cuddly, stuffed animals, like a bear, tiger, elephant, lion, or lamb.

How you can help put a smile on a young man or woman with special needs?

< Sponsor a VIP Child Online >

To sponsor by mail, send check payable to Aurora Ministries, 12108 10th Ave East, Bradenton FL 34212.  Indicate "Smile" on the memo line of the check.

*checks need to be received by May 25th 2019 to apply to Make 'm Smile 2019.  Checks received after May 25th will apply to Make 'm Smile 2020. *


Do you know a young man or woman with special needs?

For information on how they can receive our free accessible audio recordings, call us at 941-748-3031.

For registration information for Make ‘m Smile 2019 in Orlando FL, visit the Nathaniel’s Hope website at


Can I purchase a Wildlife Jesus Storyteller?

Yes!  If you want to purchase a Wildlife Jesus Storyteller for your own child, grandchild, or anyone you know, even if they don't have a print disability or special need, you may purchase from our online store. < Order Now >

Do you have Audio Bibles for adults? 

daily audio bible reader - hear my bible
Yes! Our Hear My Bible player is a simple, easy to use player.  It will allow you to listen to your Bible anytime or anywhere. Smaller than a typical smartphone, it has navigation buttons that allow forward and backward movement by Testament, book, and chapter. Also includes a bookmark button which allows the user to turn it on where they left off. This Audio Bible is cost-effective, light-weight and is rugged. Player has both an internal speaker and an earphone jack for private listening. Available in English, Spanish, and hundreds of other languages.  < Order a Hear My Bible Player >