NLS Talking Book Instructions


Bookshelf mode is used when multiple versions, languages or titles are on a single cartridge. 

Accessing bookshelf mode is like a table of contents that let you select another title from the list of recordings on your cartridge. 

When you insert your cartridge it will announce to you “two books found” for two titles, “three books found” for three titles” and so on. Bookshelf mode is available on both the DS1 and DA1 players.

How to access Bookshelf mode: You simply hold the PLAY button for five (5) seconds. The player will say “Bookshelf.” Use the FAST-FORWARD/REWIND buttons to move forward and back through the table of contents. The player will announce the book titles as you scroll through all of the recordings on your cartridge. Once the player says the title name you want, press and hold the PLAY button again for five (5) seconds to exit bookshelf mode.

What does DS1 and DA1 Model Players mean?

The DS1 model player is the “standard” Digital Talking Book player. This model is the most common player provided by the Library Service. Its simple to use, but has fewer buttons and navigation control.

The DA1 is the “Advanced” Digital Talking Book player. This model of player look almost identical to the DS1, except it has FIVE extra buttons not included on the DS1 model player. While it is also simple to use, there is often a small learning curve to understand how to use these extra buttons in order to unlock special navigation features that are programmed in most cartridges.

Which model do I have?

  1. The first way to find this out is by the reading the sticker located on the back of the player, just above the power cord holder. If the model says DS1, you have the “standard” model, which is the most common player sent by the LOC (Library of Congress). If the model says DA1, you have the “advanced” model.
  2. The second way to tell which model you have is if you have a row of buttons titled (from left to right) “Info”, “Prev”, “Menu”, “Next” & “Mark”. These buttons run horizontally under the speaker of the player.
  3. The third way is by taking out any cartridges in your player, turn it on, then press the “Sleep” button 10 times quickly and the player will announce to you the serial number and model number of your player.


The DS1 only has navigation by using the FF (fast forward) button. This model can only skip by Books of the Bible. 

The longer you hold this button down, the more time it will skip by. If you hold it down until the player says “skip by Book”, it will start beeping. Each beep is a new book. Let go and it will tell you which book you have jumped to.

The DA1 has additional buttons that allow the user to skip by Testament, Book, and Chapter. Press the “Menu” button to hear what level of navigation your player is currently set to. Each time you press the menu button it will change to a different navigation level. 

Once you set the menu button to the desired navigation, press the “previous” button” (shaped like a left arrow) to go backwards or the “next: button (shaped like a right arrow) to go forwards.

Our advanced Audio Bibles with Verse navigation programming, pressing the “Menu” button to “phrase jump” to navigate by verse with the verse numbers narrated for you.

If you have a DS1, but wish you had a DA1 to allow for easier navigation, you will need to contact your local library or with the facility/individual that helped you get qualified for your Digital Talking Book player and ask them if they can help you swap your DS1 for a DA1.

Need more instructions?  See the official NLS Instructions page here.