John MacArthur Letter

“Dear Friend,

In Romans 10:14, the apostle Paul asks, “How shall they hear without a preacher?” For those who cannot see or read for themselves, that question takes on a particular, quite literal urgency.

That’s why I feel so honored to share my enthusiasm with you about Audio Bibles for the Blind and the wonderful work that this organization does – and why I hope you will lend your support. For the past 33 years, this ministry has been providing free Audio Bibles to blind and desperately needy people around the world – in 64 different languages.

The life-changing impact of Audio Bibles for the Blind is profound and eternal. I wish you could see the expression of joy and wonder on a blind person’s face when he or she is given the means for doing personal Bible study through recorded media!

This kind of miracle is taking place every day, all over the world. But the need is great, and the demand grows with the success of the ministry. Your help is needed-and so I urge you to give Audio Bibles for the Blind your prayerful and generous support. God bless you for your compassion!

For the Master,
John MacArthur”

Grace to You Ministries