Hospice Care Patients

We offer Audio Bibles free of charge to individuals under hospice care.  We also have items that can be sent "Free-On-Loan" and other items at a reduced cost.

Use the contact form to request if you have any questions or need additional ordering information.


For hospice patients with A TV and DVD player.

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Consider making a donation to Aurora Ministries Bibles for Hospice fund to help us continue to make this a free option to anyone in hospice care.  < Donate to Hospice fund >


Other Options for Hospice Patients


For hospice patients with MP3 compatible devices, computers,  and MP3 players.

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NLS Talking Book Library Bibles & Devotionals - FREE

For hospice patients registered with the National Talking Book Library and already have the Digital Talking Book Player

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Audio CD's (Not Bibles - we do not offer Audio Bibles on Audio CD)

  • Portrait of Jesus - 1-hr audio CD about Jesus.
  • God's Powerful Savior - 1-hr audio CD.
  • What is Heaven Like? - 1-hr audio CD
  • Old Testament Stories - 1-hr audio CD of various stories found in the O.T.

 Handheld Audio Bible Players - Reduced Cost with discount code

You must provide documentation of impairment or hospice care to receive a discount code.  Email documents to bibles@auroraministries.org or fax documents to 941-748-6137

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