About Us

As followers of Jesus Christ, we exist to Glorify God. Aurora Ministries is a conservative, evangelical organization that is part of the Body of Christ, whose purpose is to God’s Word in audio form to blind and print-handicapped all across the globe.

Audio Bible Service for the visually impaired and print-handicapped We focus on one thing: providing the Audio Bible (God’s Word) to blind, visually impaired and print-handicapped people all across the globe. We do it every day in as many languages as we can generate and into as many countries as we can reach. We believe God speaks through His Word of Truth and want to furnish it to as many people in need of it as we possibly can.

Our outreach is simple and straightforward:  providing Audio Bibles to the blind, visually impaired and *print-handicapped in a format that easy for them to use.  

* “Print-handicapped” simply refers to those whose vision may be fine but who can no longer hold and manage books … sometimes, these are people who struggle with cancer, those who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Downs Syndrome, Paralysis, are in hospice care and others.

Aurora Ministries (Audio Bibles for the Blind) is a member of ECFA.  You can find financial information about us on ECFA at http://www.ecfa.org/MemberProfile.aspx?ID=18195.  You may also find information including links to IRS documents at http://www.guidestar.org/organizations/23-7178299/aurora-ministries.aspx

Audio Bibles for the blind offers many different options, formats, and versions to choose from.  Some options are COMPLETELY FREE of any cost (with certification of impairment), while other items are at the manufactures cost and we ask for a donation to help us cover our costs.


Our History

Aurora Ministries, also known over the years as Audio Bibles for the Blind and Bible Alliance, has a rich history of serving others. We have had the privilege of serving people around the globe for nearly 40 years!

We began in a small room located in a home on Long Boat Key, Florida. And now Audio Bibles for the Blind is located in Bradenton, Florida. We have served approximately 140 countries, have over 70 languages available and receive hundreds of requests for Audio Bibles each week!

“God loves me. And all God does is for my own good.” -Anthony T. Rossi.

“There she is!” exclaimed Anthony from the deck of a ship entering New York harbor, as the Statue of Liberty came into view.

The year was 1921, and Anthony, at the age of 21, was seeing his dream of coming to America from Italy materialize before his eyes.

 Without any money and knowing only a few English words, this Italian immigrant later became known as a Christian entrepreneur and businessman. He founded Tropicana Orange Juice and built it into a large successful company.

Anthony always considered himself the manager rather than the owner of the resources God entrusted to him.

 In his later years, Anthony decided it was time to pass the torch to new owners. He sold Tropicana, but he was not yet ready to retire. He wanted to help people.

He decided one way he could do that was by providing free Audio Bibles to those who could not see to read God’s Word.

Anthony founded Bible Alliance, which later became known as Aurora Ministries/Audio Bibles for the Blind, and provided the start-up finances for this great cause.

 Because of what Anthony started, over 300,000 visually impaired and print-handicapped people around the world have received Audio Bible resources from Audio Bibles for the Blind.

 He would often refer to Audio Bibles being sent out as “little missionaries” because they were giving people that had no access to a Bible their very own Bible, and in a language [in audio] that they could understand.

 Anthony passed away in 1993, but his legacy continues to live on.

 You too can leave a living legacy by partnering with us to provide free Audio Bibles to the blind and print-handicapped.

What better way to be remembered than by giving the Word of God to those who live in a physically dark world?

Recording God’s Word

Many of our Audio Bible projects has been recorded in our recording studio.  There is always an air of excitement, comparable to the anticipation of a birth, during preparation for each new project to begin.

 When the initial recording day arrives, technicians can be found in their appointed places in the sound room as the reader assumes his position in front of the microphone; and, Bible in hand, he looks for the signal and begins to read.

This scenario is the culmination of months of groundwork and the seeking out of qualified readers, to select one who must have a working knowledge of the language he will be reading, a voice distinct with clarity and intonation, and a comfortable meter. Our reader’s love, understanding, and commitment to the Word of God are critical qualities. When a foreign language of the Bible is recorded, the authenticity of the version is carefully verified. Copyright permissions must be procured and contracts with publishers hammered out. Many times a reader will come from a great distance, so provisions and travel arrangements are necessary.

 During the days of recording, a quality control team listens through the entire journey, ready to secure accuracy across each chapter and verse. These individuals listen, Scripture and pencil in hand, to each word read, noting any concerns in diction, pronunciation, or extra sounds that may emerge. Two or three individuals may, in turn, listen to these same segments repeatedly – and call for edits and re-recordings as necessary. The result is a recording of the highest quality.

 Our product is then turned over to our production volunteers, who duplicate, load and package for worldwide distribution.

 So much prayer and so many hands are necessary for our providing the Word of God to people in their own languages.