February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Imagine a full day without eating anything. Then a week. And a month. As time goes on, you become weaker and weaker. Our bodies need nourishment to live. And it’s the same in our spiritual lives.

If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.
1 Timothy 4:6 King James Version (KJV)

picture of person reading the BibleWe certainly should read God’s Word regularly to receive this needed nourishment.

But, what if you didn't have a Bible?  What if it was difficult to even find a Bible you could read?  Did you know that most of the libraries for the blind don’t even have a Bible to send on loan?

For many people, who are blind or print disabled, this is a reality.  Without independent access to the Scriptures, they have almost no ability to receive the daily nourishment they so desperately need.

How important is it to have an Audio Bible when you are blind?  Let’s hear from a few people that received one as a special gift.

“Please accept this small donation to your institute.  You were so generous to send my husband an Audio Bible.  You see he's blind and had a massive stroke nine years ago and his left leg was amputated.  You haven't any idea how many enjoyable hours we've had listening to the Bible together, for that my heart Thanks you!!  People like you is what makes the world a little easier to live in!!”  Ellen in Ohio

“I am writing to thank you, very much indeed, for the wonderful gift of the Bible you so kindly sent to me.  It's a great joy to listen. God’s Word comes through to us with much better understanding this way. I accept this gift in the spirit in which it is given.”   Gloria in England UK

“Thank you very much for the Audio Bible, which I received in January.  I’m 73 years old, visually impaired since I was 50. With your present, you made me happy and I enjoy very much listening.”  Alwine in Germany

“For my mother and myself, thanks and God bless each person who had a part in sending the Scriptures.  Mother is 93 and until last year, reading her Bible was a daily part of her life. She’s been devastated without it.  Thank you for once again making it a part of her life.” Bernese in Florida.

These are just a few people we hear from each day thanking us for giving them their Bible back and allowing them to read day or night, without the need of any assistance.

But, we didn’t do it alone.  Without the financial partnership of others, people who also believe the Bible should be available to everyone, regardless of a disability, none of these people would have received these life-changing gifts.

When we all join together, even the smallest of donations is magnified—each person doing their part to help fill each and every request.

Requests for Audio Bibles are coming in at the highest levels in over a decadeand we need your help more than ever.  Will you pray about joining with us this month? Any contribution amount will allow us to continue sending out Bibles without any delay.

Donate to help provide Audio Bibles
  • Allen Decker
January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

My heart aches every time I hear about a blind or visually impaired person who has struggled for years without access to the Bible because they didn't know about Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind program.  But it would be even more painful if I had to turn down a request for an Audio Bible because I didn't have one to send.

Today, we have more requests for free Audio Bibles than ever before.  We currently have a back-order of over 100 requests because our support has struggled to keep up with the demand.

You see, Aurora Ministries is committed to providing free Audio Bibles and other Bible teachings to print disabled individuals registered with the Library for the Blind and Print-Handicapped. That means we cannot send Audio Bibles unless someone like you makes it all possible.

That's why friends like you are such an important part of this ministry.  Gifts like yours allow us to send thousands of Audio Bibles, free of any cost, to people around the world who are blind, visually impaired, or physically unable to hold a book.  These people need the Word of God just as much as you and I do, but unlike us, they need to hear it.

Aurora Ministries regularly gives blind people the blessing of being able to "read" God's Word for themselves, without the need for assistance.  With an Audio Bible, they can plumb the depths of Scripture, find comfort in the Psalms, or seek guidance for daily living in the Epistles.  And for many who receive our Audio Bibles, they discover the path to the Savior through the Gospels.

God's Word is powerful.  More than any other book, it has the power to change lives--and that's true whether someone reads it or hears it!  So, thank you again for partnering with us through prayer support and possibly your generous financial support. 

Your gift today could truly be a blessing to all those who are waiting to hear God's Word.


Romans 10:17 King James (KJV)
It’s people like YOU who change lives!  If you believe in the life-changing Words of God and you believe in making sure the Bible is accessible for all, please join with us in ministry. 

Your contributions make it possible for us to continue providing the Audio Bible to blind, print-handicapped, and special needs individuals all over the world.

Donate to Aurora Ministries
  • Allen Decker
Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

On behalf of the staff of Aurora Ministries / Audio Bibles for the Blind, we would like to wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

Listen to blind concert pianist Sam Lane play some of his favorite Christmas music for our Aurora Ministries family.

  • Allen Decker
November 2018 Newsletter - What do you think of when someone says Christmas?

November 2018 Newsletter - What do you think of when someone says Christmas?

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season is a very special time of the year for many of us.

Luke 2:11 says, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” (KJV)

As Thanksgiving has passed us by and Christmas is rapidly approaching, we hope that you will take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas—the true reason for the season.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

For others, it’s also a time where everything around us is decorated so colorful, bright and sparkly. Even when we are unable to see it because of a visual impairment, we can smell it wherever we go.  

picture of fireplace at ChristmasA turkey dinner with all the fixings or a pie, fresh out of the oven.  The scent of a Christmas tree, a cup of hot cocoa, and gingerbread cookies.

A time of cooler weather, were we can feel the coolness on our skin and smell the crisp, clean and fresh air. And who doesn't like the coziness of a warm fireplace with its woody, smoky scent?

What do you think of when someone says Christmas?  What memories come to you?

Unfortunately, it's not a joyful time for everyone.  In a recent telephone conversation one of our staff members had with Jeff, I got to hear just how hard holidays can be for some.

By all accounts, Jeff had a normal life.  Retired from a good job, with a beautiful home, a loving wife and great friends.  Everything we would desire. But that would all change in his mid-eighties...he began to lose his vision.  

His vision loss became so great, he was unable to do many things that he was once able to do.  He admits he relied heavily upon his wife to help with so many those things. When his wife passed, he had tremendous difficulty and was left with no other choice but to sell his home and move to a facility that could better meet his needs.

Alone, now without his wife, in a new home, Jeff had been feeling depressed.  He had lost the joyful anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. But there is one thing he says brings him peace when he is lonely and joy when he is sad.  His Audio Bible.

“I fill my day by listening to it as much as I can.  I must have listened to it a dozen times over since the first day I received it,” Says Jeff.

While many of those other sights and sounds are just faded memories of Christmas past for Jeff, he now knows that putting his focus on the real reason of the season is all that truly matters.

The only way we can keep sending Audio Bibles to people in need—people like Jeff—are because other people, just like you, also believe in what we do—making the Word of God accessible and available to all that are visually impaired.

Before this year is over, will you please consider joining with us in ministry?
  • Allen Decker