May 2019 Newsletter | Patty

May 2019 Newsletter | Patty

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.”John 5:24 KJV
As Christians we often pray for family and friends who are unsaved and need to accept the offer of salvation through Christ Jesus.  So, I can relate to how Patty, the daughter of a blind man, was feeling—I’m sure you also can understand all too well her heart’s desire.
“I’ve been so worried about my dad and have been praying for him so hard… I’m worried of him dying without being saved.”said Patty.

Patty’s father believes that there is a god, but doesn’t know the one true God. 
“Unto thee it was shewed, that thou mightest know that the Lord he is God; there is none else beside him. Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the Lord he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.” Deuteronomy 4:35,39 KJV
Because of her father’s blindness, it was difficult for Patty and other family members to share about Jesus with him.  They couldn’t bring him tracts, literature or even the Bible since he was unable to read print.
That’s when Patty heard about Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind program—a free service that provides the Bible in audio form to anyone blind, visually impaired or print-handicapped.
There was one last hurdle and she wasn’t sure how her father would respond.  Would he agree to accept this free gift?
He did! 
Patty tells us, “God answered my prayers.  For now, dad is starting to listen.”
For people like Patty’s father, an Audio Bible introduces them to the Living Water for the first time.  Now that he has access to the Bible in a format he can use, God can speak directly to him through His words.
A hopeful Patty says “As I sit here, my eyes are simply filled with tears of gratitude at your loving kindness!  I simply don’t have sufficient words to express to you how very very grateful I am to you all.  May God repay your kindness fifty-fold.”
Patty’s story is not unique.  We hear from hundreds of people, like Patty, who are trying to help a visually impaired friend or family member.  People, like Patty’s dad, who literally have to hear God’s Word because they are unable to read or hold a book on their own.
And whenever we send Audio Bibles, lives are changed.
But to provide an Audio Bible to every individual with a print disability, who needs to hear, is a big challenge.  A challenge we accept and one I hope you wish to accept by partnering with us.
Requests for free Audio Bibles have been in such high demand this year, we’ve run out of stock on multiple occasions.  It’s important to keep our shelves well-stocked with Bibles so we can send them out, when requested, without delay.
Perhaps you would like to help us meet this challenge by offering a gift to Aurora Ministries today.  A gift of any amount will go a long ways to making sure every request is fulfilled.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration to support Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind program.
Donate to Aurora Ministries
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April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14 NKJV
Each year, Aurora Ministries attends a special event called “Make ’m Smile” hosted by the Nathaniel’s Hope FoundationThis event is an outdoor festival for children with special needs and their families, which refers to each child as a “VIP” (very important person).
Our ministry, as well as many other organizations and vendors, set up booths around beautiful Lake Eola, a 23 acre park in downtown Orlando Florida. 
Each booth provides free resources, information, activities and games specific for the VIP children.
While most of the VIPs have some eyesight, they also often typically suffer from a print-handicap that keeps them from being able to read normally or manage the pages of a printed book, especially the Bible.
Aurora Ministries distributes hundreds of free audio CD’s to the VIPs and their families.  These CDs have selected Scripture readings from The New Testament to tell them about Jesus.

This is the first time some of them have heard the name Jesus.
In addition to the free audio CDs about Jesus, many of the parents ask for a Children’s Bible and Children’s devotional on MP3 disc or a talking book cartridge for the National Library’s digital Talking Book Player, which we give at no cost to them.  It’s also a chance for them to get a “hands-on” demonstration of our portable, accessible Audio Bible players, audio Story-Teller players, and audio book players.
If you could only see the smile on a child’s face when they receive this free gift—It’s hard 
to put in words their joy and excitement—and the joy we receive just watching them!  I’m sure you would feel the same if you could be there with us.  But in some ways, you are.  If it weren’t for the support of friends like you, none of these VIP children would have been able to receive these life-changing gifts.
Watch our short video from last years Make 'm Smile event.

This month we have three needs.  The first need is for prayer. Please pray for these VIP children, their families that care for them, and Aurora Ministries’ ability to provide the Bible, devotionals and stories about Jesus to them.  The second need is for sponsors. We’re asking all our friends to consider sponsoring one VIP child ($30) for the next Make ‘m Smile event on June 1st

The sponsored VIP children will receive our precious Wildlife Animals with an accessible audio player that reads to them our children’s devotional and stories about Jesus.

It’s the perfect opportunity to share with them the Good News. It’s not uncommon for a non-believer to accept our free gifts.  Only God knows what happens after they leave our booth, but if we can introduce Jesus Christ to just one person, it’s worth it.

In addition to the VIPs—we must continue to help as many blind & visually impaired people receive an Audio Bible as we can.  Hundreds of blind people each month receive an Audio Bible and now are able to hear God’s Word.  Which brings me to our third need—your continued support to make sure each request from a blind person is fulfilled.

That’s why I’m asking you to please pray for our ministry, the VIP children and their families, and the blind still needing access to an Audio Bible—maybe you’re able to help all three needs this month with a generous gift to Aurora Ministries?

I’d like to thank you in advance for your support; those who’ve lost the gift of sight will retain the gift of God’s Word, and the children, who are unable to read, are able to hear and know more about Jesus

Please hurry, the Make ‘m Smile event is quickly approaching on June 1st and we want to purchase as many Wildlife StoryTellers as we can to take and give out to VIP kids!
Sponsor a VIP Child
Special Note: In addition to the special VIP event, requests for Audio Bibles going to blind and visually impaired Talking Book users are getting delayed!  The demand for these free Audio Bibles is so great, we used what is typically a one months supply in less than two weeks.  We need your help to restock our shelves.
Donate to Aurora Ministries
Can I make a donation to both projects this month? 

Yes!  Some donors have already asked if they can help with both needs this month.

We've created a special giving option this month which will let you help both the VIP Make 'm Smile and the Bibles for the Blind projects. 

small boy receiving a wildlife StoryTeller
mom and dad with special needs son receiving a wildlife Jesus storyteller
family at make 'm smile receiving a wildlife Jesus storyteller
When you shop Mother's Day gifts at, AmazonSmile donates to Aurora Ministries Inc.


When you shop Mother's Day gifts at, AmazonSmile donates to Aurora Ministries Inc. 

Click the button below to add Aurora Ministries as your charity of choice.

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March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

The key to changing the world is closer than you think . . .
Dear Friend,
It’s one thing to want to change the world. Quite another to actually do it.

Captain Jim George knew the difference.  And God used him as a world changer.
Working on a freight ship his entire professional career, there was not a port in the world Captain Jim did not visit. But his real work was of the Lord. Everywhere he went, he shared the Gospel, handing out Audio Bibles provided by friends like you.
A real “people person,” he also established key contacts that enable us to deliver Audio Bibles to the visually impaired in 138 countries worldwide.

 Photo of Captain Jim George
I’m telling you Captain Jim’s story of influence because I believe it serves as an important reminder that God can use you and me to be world-changers, making an eternal difference for millions. 
I realize the possibility of you and I boarding a ship and taking the Gospel to every corner of the globe is remote. What I encourage you to remember is that there is no way this side of heaven you can possibly know the ripple effect you are having through your generous support of Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the blind programBut God does . . . just as God knows Jim’s ongoing ripple effect.
Your one act of generosity could mean eternal salvation and a life of hope for an untold number of people as the Audio Bibles you provide help people in need . . . like Violet, here in the United States, who says:
“I knew Mom’s time was coming, she wouldn’t be with us much longer. The day before she passed away I played the Bible steady all day and all night. I knew she was listening by the serene look on her face. She passed away the next morning. She looked at me as if to say, ‘Thank You,’ closed her eyes and went to her Lord Jesus. I know listening to the Bible brought her much comfort.”

Or Janie in Scotland who wrote to us:
“Thank you very much for the Audio Bible. I have greatly appreciated your kindness. It’s a great disadvantage, the loss of sight, but it’s wonderful, the knowledge God has given to man to be able to make so many useful things to help blind people.”
And I’ll never forget the words of Volodenok from Ukraine:
“May God bless you and repay you a hundred fold for your worthy labor before the Lord! I received from you the Bible in my own language. Thank you from the depth of my heart for your precious work.”
Every month, hundreds of people like Violet, Janie, and Volodenok contact us, pleading for God’s Word in a format they can use and understand. Some are blind or visually impaired. Others are simply unable to hold a Bible because of illness. All are in great need of the hope that can be found only in God’s Word. 
So I’m asking you to pray about how you will help us answer one of those requests today with a gift to help put Audio Bibles in the hands of people in desperate need — FREE OF CHARGE!
Whatever you can share will help.
Remember, it’s one thing to want to change the world, but actually doing it is a different story. In fact, it’s our story. Yours, mine, Captain Jim’s, and our entire staff . . . all working together to change the world, and change eternity one life at a time. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.


Romans 10:17 King James (KJV)
It’s people like YOU who change lives!  If you believe in the life-changing Words of God and you believe in making sure the Bible is accessible for all, please join with us in ministry. 

Your contributions make it possible for us to continue providing the Audio Bible to blind, print-handicapped, and special needs individuals all over the world.

Donate to Aurora Ministries
  • Allen Decker
February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Imagine a full day without eating anything. Then a week. And a month. As time goes on, you become weaker and weaker. Our bodies need nourishment to live. And it’s the same in our spiritual lives.

If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.
1 Timothy 4:6 King James Version (KJV)

picture of person reading the BibleWe certainly should read God’s Word regularly to receive this needed nourishment.

But, what if you didn't have a Bible?  What if it was difficult to even find a Bible you could read?  Did you know that most of the libraries for the blind don’t even have a Bible to send on loan?

For many people, who are blind or print disabled, this is a reality.  Without independent access to the Scriptures, they have almost no ability to receive the daily nourishment they so desperately need.

How important is it to have an Audio Bible when you are blind?  Let’s hear from a few people that received one as a special gift.

“Please accept this small donation to your institute.  You were so generous to send my husband an Audio Bible.  You see he's blind and had a massive stroke nine years ago and his left leg was amputated.  You haven't any idea how many enjoyable hours we've had listening to the Bible together, for that my heart Thanks you!!  People like you is what makes the world a little easier to live in!!”  Ellen in Ohio

“I am writing to thank you, very much indeed, for the wonderful gift of the Bible you so kindly sent to me.  It's a great joy to listen. God’s Word comes through to us with much better understanding this way. I accept this gift in the spirit in which it is given.”   Gloria in England UK

“Thank you very much for the Audio Bible, which I received in January.  I’m 73 years old, visually impaired since I was 50. With your present, you made me happy and I enjoy very much listening.”  Alwine in Germany

“For my mother and myself, thanks and God bless each person who had a part in sending the Scriptures.  Mother is 93 and until last year, reading her Bible was a daily part of her life. She’s been devastated without it.  Thank you for once again making it a part of her life.” Bernese in Florida.

These are just a few people we hear from each day thanking us for giving them their Bible back and allowing them to read day or night, without the need of any assistance.

But, we didn’t do it alone.  Without the financial partnership of others, people who also believe the Bible should be available to everyone, regardless of a disability, none of these people would have received these life-changing gifts.

When we all join together, even the smallest of donations is magnified—each person doing their part to help fill each and every request.

Requests for Audio Bibles are coming in at the highest levels in over a decadeand we need your help more than ever.  Will you pray about joining with us this month? Any contribution amount will allow us to continue sending out Bibles without any delay.

Donate to help provide Audio Bibles
  • Allen Decker