September 2019 Newsletter | Daniel

In one of the most beautiful episodes in the New Testament, Jesus encounters a blind man in Mark’s gospel.  And when Jesus places His hands on that blind man’s eyes, we read,

“Then his eyes were opened . . . 

his sight was restored . . . 

and he saw everything clearly!”

Since we began ministry nearly five decades ago, God has enabled us to provide freely more than one million Audio Bibles to blind people around the globe.

And how our hearts wish Jesus would reach down and open the eyes of every single one of the people we’ve served . . . restore everyone’s sight . . . make each one see clearly!!!

(Our hearts overflow with love for the folks God has allowed us to help.)

But God doesn’t seem to work quite like that even in Jesus’ earthly life, He didn’t heal every blind person.  And that has been the case with our friend, and Audio Bible recipient Daniel, who literally does not even have eyes for God to reach down and touch.

Retinoblastoma, a childhood cancer that strikes retinal cells, stole Daniel’s left eye when he was merely eight months old the cancerous eye had to be removed.  When he was two, Daniel’s right eye also had to be removed because of severe burning from intense radiation that doctors had hoped would salvage his lone remaining eye.

Now in his fifties, Daniel reflects on his growing up as a child in California without sight and even without eyes.  It is easy to see how Daniel could have become bitter in heart and rebellious in attitude toward God.  And so he did.

Daniel says his heart was so hardened toward God he even can recall hurtful conversations he had with people in which he tried to sour their spirits toward God!  For instance, he adamantly told one girl whose relative had just passed away that there was no God and that her relative was simply gone. . . forever. . . with no God. . . and no hope

(And that death itself was dark. . . hopeless. . . God-less … for all of us.)

But that Daniel is not the Daniel you would meet today.  Today’s Daniel still lacks his sight — and his eyes.  God has never touched and restored them.  But God has touched Daniel’s heart and drawn him into relationship.  And Daniel loves God’s Word — and his Audio Bible — passionately.

Daniel says his Audio Bible gives him a chance every day to hear God express Himself.  And Daniel listens to his Bible every day — often.  He says he considers his Audio Bible one of life’s few true necessities — and that his heart and mind would be defenseless without it.

Despite Daniel’s obvious limitations, God has enabled him to excel in so many areas.  Fluent not merely in English — but also in German and Spanish — Daniel listens to the Bible in all three languages!

With the background of a music major in college, he now plays piano and guitar — and writes music — all for the glory of God.  He listens to his Audio Bible, then tries to take the rich truths of God’s Word and build them into musical expressions. . . because this once bitter-hearted, rebel-souled man has now been touched deeply by God — not yet in his eyes, but in the part of him which will matter most for all of eternity — in Daniel’s heart.

Thankfully, for Daniel (and for all without sight who know the Lord) God will someday provide FULL healing.  For now, we want to do everything we possibly can to get God’s Word in audio form to those who need it most.

Please consider helping us — we benefit immeasurably from your prayers and financial support.  Please help us to reach many Daniels and those He will tenderly draw to Himself. Thank you so much for caring!

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