October 2018 Newsletter | Katie

“Most people could not see past her wheelchair,” said Katie’s mother.

Katie didn’t grow up having a normal childhood, such as maybe you or I.

As an infant, Katie was diagnosed with spinal meningitis and cerebral palsy.  Before she was ten years old, she needed multiple surgeries for hip reconstruction, followed by rod implants in her back due to severe scoliosis.

Her entire youth was filled with continuous physical and occupational therapy. Yet, it never stopped her from working hard on her school work.  In fact, she went to regular public school and was able to graduate with a high school diploma.

Katie’s mom tells us, “I’ve kept her very close to me all her life and I have been her eyes.  I would read to her almost every day and the things that she loved most, I would read over and over while she memorized them.”

When Katie signed up with the National Library Services’ Talking Book program, they referred her to Aurora Ministries to receive an Audio Bible.

Now in her thirties, Katie grows more and more independent and her mother is unable to read for her like she once did.  The books from the Talking Book program are there to help her learn and the Audio Bible from Aurora Ministries is there for her to play over and over again, just as her mother did, so she can memorize the scriptures that mean so much to her.

Katie is just one of thousands of people that request and receive Audio Bibles from Aurora Ministries each year.  Some are totally blind, others legally blind and unable to read standard print, and others are exactly like Katie in that they suffer from a physical handicap that keeps them from holding and managing the pages of a printed book.

Regardless of the reason or impairment, our ministry is here to make sure that those who need it have access to the greatest book—The Holy Bible—free of charge.

Meeting this challenge is not easy.

This year alone, requests for Audio Bibles are at a new all time high since we discontinued analog cassette tapes and have gone completely digital. Our latest analysis shows requests are up 300% in 2018 compared to this time last year.

This is GREAT NEWS!  It means that people who are unable to read the Bible, need the Bible—they want to hear the Bible—and it’s our purpose and calling to make sure they get it!

However, there is one thing that is keeping us from fulfilling our promise—the cost of production and distribution. But, there’s a solution...it’s people just like you.  People that believe in providing God’s Word in audio form to those that are unable to read for themselves.

While the requests are up, our donations have decreased.  We are asking two simple things from you today. First, partner with us in prayer, to pray that requests continue to increase.  Second, pray that our financial needs are met to be able to send everyone an Audio Bible that needs one.

Maybe you would also prayerfully consider sending a donation today?