November 2020 Newsletter | Hugo

Every year on November 11th our nation celebrates a very special anniversary—the end of World War I.   It’s the day we honor our US veterans and victims of all wars.  Today, I want to honor one such hero by telling you his story. 

Hugo was a young man filled with a desire to enlist into the military and serve this great country.  Trained by the Army as a Field Artillery Mechanic, he found himself performing infantry duties in Iraq.

photo of army veteran holding a Bible standing in front of the American flag.

One summer night in 2004, his life took a drastic change.  Hugo’s convoy was searching  for improvised explosive devices (IED,) when all at once they were ambushed and Hugo and his Humvee took the full impact of a detonated IED.  His world went dark.  For days, his life hung by a thread.  In his conscious moments, he wondered if he would ever see his lovely wife and family again, but that night he was indeed snatched from the claws of death.

 A devastated Hugo was left with permanent vision loss in his right eye and shrapnel in his left eye.  Many surgeries followed as the blast had also crushed his skull requiring him to have a craniotomy to save his life, but at least he was alive and reunited with his family.

 As the years passed and Hugo continued to receive medical attention and rehabilitation for his severe injuries, someone at the VA Medical Center handed him an Audio Bible they received from Aurora Ministries Audio Bibles for the Blind program.   Though his physical world had grown darker, the spiritual darkness of his soul was pierced with the light of God’s Word.

Now with a glimmer of hope, Hugo said “I began praying hard for the Lord to touch my soul and give me a new life.”

“Once I started hearing the Bible, I realized Jesus Christ was very close to me, but yet we were separated.  That night I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior,” said Hugo.

Having his own Audio Bible meant Hugo no longer had to labor to read using special magnification equipment that would only allow him to read a half a word at a time, forcing him to piece together words and sentences.  He would become exhausted and fatigued after just a paragraph or two.  Hugo was depressed thinking that this is how it would be for the rest of his life.  Now, his Audio Bible “gives [him] the opportunity to have a better understanding and comprehension of the Word of the Lord.”

Not only did God Deliver Hugo from the claws of physical death on the battle field, but He raised him from the dead spiritually by giving him a new life and a new hope.  This is the reason Aurora Ministries was founded.  This is why we do what we do.

Aurora Ministries has been serving the spiritual needs of blind and visually impaired for nearly five decades by providing them with free Audio Bibles.  Stories from recipients, like Hugo’s, are a continual source of encouragement for us and we trust for you too.  We always rejoice to hear of the benefit the Audio Bible is to someone who has no other means of reading God’s Word and we are especially excited to hear how God is using the Audio Bibles for the Blind program to bring someone from the darkness of unbelief into the light of saving faith.

Hugo and other Audio Bible recipients stand as a testament to the impact of an Audio Bible that you helped put into their hands, hearts and minds.  In order to continue to meet the demand of those needing to hear God’s Word depends largely on the generous support of all our ministry partners, like you.  Your contribution of any amount can help put an Audio Bible in the hands of someone and perhaps introduce them for the first time to God’s Word and the salvation of Jesus Christ, just like it did for Hugo.