May 2021 Newsletter | Dalgix has a special message for you

Please take a moment to read below.  Dalgix has a very special message for you. 

We received a letter from Dalgix that touched our hearts so deeply here at Aurora Ministries, I wanted to share it with you. 

You see, I have no idea how Dalgix lost her sight.  I don’t know where she works or the names of her daughter or granddaughter. 

What I do know is that this grateful Russian grandmother depended on our Audio Bibles for the Blind program –on you and us—for what she calls “a priceless gift” … the gift of God’s Word in audio form and in a language [Russian] that she can understand. 

Thanks to your generosity and partnership, we were an answer to Dalgix’s prayers … 

“I received your package.  I was immensely happy that you had not rejected my request to send me an Audio Bible.  I have been listening to the Word of God not only at home but I also listen at the place of my employment, where other blind people work and can listen with me. 

It has been the desire of my heart that more and more people could come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I tell others about my faith in the Lord and how He alone is able to change a human heart when one receives Jesus as one’s personal Savior and Lord. 

My daughter and granddaughter take me to church and we are so thankful to the Lord that only He is able to watch over us in these difficult times.  I want to thank all the laborers for your mercy and for the joy you caused my soul when you have given me such a priceless gift.” 

Not only did you help impact Dalgix’s life, but think of all those she is sharing the good news of the Gospel with…through the Audio Bible you helped provide through your gifts and prayers. 

But please also think of all those who remain blind, not just physically, but spiritually as well. 

I’m writing to you today to ask for your generous help and prayer support in opening the eyes of their hearts through the delivery of Audio Bibles. 

So many like Dalgix are crying out for Audio Bibles.  They are the visually impaired, the sick and sometimes are even lost.  From the United States to Haiti to Belarus and beyond, we hear their pleas…hundreds each month.  All desperate for Audio Bibles.  All depending on this ministry—on you and us—to respond. 

We must not let their cries go unanswered.  Please share a gift to put God’s Word into the hands—and heart—of someone like Dalgix FREE OF CHARGE

It is only through the gifts of friends like you that we are able to create new recordings and deliver God’s Word in many languages besides English. 

In fact, this year we’ve been able to re-master a full Audio Bible in Farsi [Persian] and a New Testament in Bulgarian to work with the National Library of Congress Talking Book Service player.  Currently, we are near completion on re-mastering our full Audio Bible in Russian to make it even more accessible for the blind. 

Please pray about how He would have you respond today.  Whatever you can share will help. 

Thank you!