June Newsletter - Aubrey

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

In the course of our lives, we are faced with many life-changing events that impact our lives forever—like we are doing currently as we are all dealing with COVID-19.  This global event will change life as we know it for many years to come.
For Aubrey, a hardworking man employed at Goodyear Tires for decades, his occupation and life would be forever changed after diabetes began to affect his eyesight.
His doctors did everything possible to save his sight.  After fifteen operations, there was nothing further they could do.  Aubrey would have to face the fact that he would be legally blind for the rest of his life.
But God had a new plan for Aubrey’s life.
“Twenty years ago you never would have gotten me to get up at the pulpit and give my testimony, sing a song, or preach.”
Aubrey was blessed to have a great man and pastor in his life that encouraged him to preach the Word of God.
One evening his new life began.  He was asked to speak for the very first time at an evening church service.
 “I prayed that God would give me the boldness to speak the truth.  To never compromise the Word of God just to make others like what I was preaching.”                                
Like so many other blind pastors, preparing for a sermon can be very difficult when you have little to no sight.
With very limited vision, Aubrey used strong magnifiers to read his Bible and prepare his lessons.  And that was when we first met Aubrey.  He learned of Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind ministry and received his very first Audio Bible at no cost.
Now, using the National Library Services “advanced” Digital Talking Book Player [known as the DA1 model] and our “advanced” Audio Bible cartridges, it makes it much easier for Aubrey and our many visually impaired pastors to prepare their messages.  The advanced navigation allows them to navigate their Audio Bible not only by Testament, Book and Chapter, but also by Verse with each verse number announced.  This allows them to know exactly where they are at all times.
It would have been nearly impossible for Aubrey to make it in his new life as a pastor without access to an Audio Bible.  It is supporters of this ministry—people like you—that helped him and can help the hundreds of people who request Talking Book Audio Bibles each month.
 “We can’t bring the past back to us.  Accept what you can do for the Lord today in the now here or you will be no where,” says Aubrey.
During a time when our world continues to grapple with the implications of COVID-19, we all have to find new, contactless ways of outreach. In places like hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, and homeless shelters, both the caregivers and care receivers are facing immense spiritual, emotional, and physical oppression.
What better gift is there than the gift of an Audio Bible?  Whether it’s to help someone like Aubrey prepare sermons, a loved one in isolation hear the Bible since no one can be there to read to them, or maybe even someone who has never read or heard the Bible and they need to hear it for the very first time, Audio Bibles can have a profound impact on a life that is precious to God.
Please prayerfully consider a generous gift today. 


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