July 2021 Newsletter | Rebekah

Isn’t it amazing when we see God using people to help other people in times of need? 

Rebekah was attending church online recently when she heard the pastor tell the congregation about a recent tragic event where a small boy fell off a tree swing and the tree limb fell on him while playing at a birthday party. 

This church wasn’t even Rebekah’s regular church.  You see, Rebekah is planning on moving to a different city and wanted to research churches in her soon-to-be new town.  She decided watching church virtually was the best way to find a new church before she moved. 

Touched by this news and wanting to do more, Rebekah went online and searched for a special Bible she could send to the family—and that’s where she found Aurora Ministries.  She thought our “Bible Buddy” Audio Bible player which consists of a soft, cuddly stuffed animal and a solar Audio Bible player would be a great gift. 

Rebekah requested we not only include the complete King James Bible in audio on his Bible Buddy, but asked for it to also include hours of instrumental hymns. 

What greater gift could there be than the gift of an Audio Bible—to listen to the comforting words only found in the Holy Scriptures—so, without delay we sent it to the boy and his family. 

In just a matter of days, we got the phone call we were expecting—it was the boy’s mother wanting to know more about it.  We could hear in her voice just how excited and touched she was to have received this special gift for her son. 

The Bible Buddy was a perfect gift and it was all according to God’s perfect timing. 

The mother posted this recent message…
“Today has been another day of blessings as friends have sent cards and messages and gifts encouraging us and walking through this valley of shadows with us.  I wish that I could let each of you know personally what an encouragement and strength it is for you to pray and care so much for us.  Someone sent us a device that plays Scripture and instrumental hymns.  We have listened to the whole book of Psalms today and part of the Proverbs and are enjoying hymns now.  There was no name with the gift, but I hope that God rewards the giver in ways that we never could.” 

Please join with us as we pray for this young boy and his family.  We pray the Audio Bible brings them comfort and becomes a vital piece to their spiritual walk.  We pray for a miracle outcome. 

I’m asking you to also prayerfully consider a gift to Aurora Ministries, which allows us to serve the blind, visually impaired and print-handicapped with free accessible Audio Bibles.   Maybe you want to send a gift like Rebekah did to provide a Bible Buddy to someone in need or maybe its a general gift which goes to send hundreds of free Audio Bibles each month to someone who can’t see.  Either way, we are only able to do what we do because of the generosity of our supporters and monthly partners.  Thank you!