July 2019 Newsletter | Danien


Because of gifts from friends like you, Denien received an Audio Bible.  Now, she says, a tremendous burden “has lifted from my soul.”

Not long ago, when Denien was a young woman, she used to sit down and read the Bible all the time—it was like an old friend.  Today, Denien has multiple sclerosis, restrictive lung disease, and is legally blind. When she lost her sight, she lost a lot, but she considers losing her ability to read God’s Word as her greatest loss.  Without the ability to read her Bible, she was hurt spiritually.

Even so, Denien found spiritual purpose through caring for her autistic son, Tony.  The two of them were like partners, and Denien always felt that serving Tony was her best way of serving Jesus.  Her love and devotion for Tony was deep—and vigilant. Although Tony looked perfectly fine, things could go wrong quickly and without warning.  He required constant care and supervision.

One April morning, Denien had to leave Tony in someone else’s care for just 10 hours.  When she returned, she found Tony dead on the floor in their kitchen. The person charged with his care wasn’t paying careful attention and didn’t provide the medication Tony needed.  He died of a seizure at age 18, just two months before graduating from high school—a major achievement for someone with autism. 

Denien was devastated.  How she longed to cradle Tony in her arms, but he had gone to be with Jesus.  In the midst of her grief, she stumbled across an unopened package that had arrived around the time of Tony’s death.  She had no idea what could be inside. When she opened it, she found “the beautifully mastered art piece of the Bible that helps me to see the light.”

Shortly before Tony’s death, Denien had heard about Aurora Ministries and the Audio Bibles for the Blind through the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Program and had requested a copy.  Not knowing what was in the package, she had set it aside when it arrived. But in God’s perfect timing, He guided her back to that mysterious package just when she needed it the most.

According to Denien, she discovered her Audio Bible just in time.  God’s Word, made available to her on her Audio Bible, helped her through her most painful journey.  “Through hearing God’s Word, I am better able to press on and find what God’s next purpose is for me in life. . . . My son, Tony, is now with Jesus.  I am still so sad and miss him all the time, but I know that one day I’ll be with Jesus—and with Tony once again.”

For Denien, her Audio Bible is a God-send.  “I was without my Bible for so long—now I listen to it all the time. . . . Having the Audio Bible means the world to me! . . . [It] is crafted well, the sound is great quality, and the voice is so strong and clear.  It makes it easy for me to listen.”

And Denien does listen to her Audio Bible—every night and throughout each of her days.  She is now in a support group and because of her Audio Bible, is now able to participate in Bible studies, which she loves. 

Denien sent us a letter thanking us for her Audio Bible.  She included a donation to our ministry. That donation caused her to be “hurting in her pocket,” but she believed God had prompted her to do so, and she trusted Him to provide for her financial needs just as He had provided for her spiritual needs through her Audio Bible for the Blind.

Her letter also included a sincere and heartfelt request.  “Please promise me you will always make these Bibles free to people, because without you, I would still be spiritually depressed, and there are more people hurting.”

It’s a request we intend to meet.  Audio Bibles for the Blind has always provided our Bibles and other resources completely free of charge to those who need them.  That’s because people like you who know the power of God’s Word have consistently supported Audio Bibles for the Blind with your prayers and gifts.

But with hundreds of people requesting Audio Bibles every month, we need your continued support to ensure we have an Audio Bible ready to ship—free of charge—to every qualified person who requests one.

That’s why today I’m asking you to prayerfully consider a generous gift to Audio Bibles for the Blind.  Your gift will provide an Audio Bible to a hurting person like Denien who needs to hear God’s words of comfort.    

Thank you for touching the lives of those who can only listen to God’s Word.  You are meeting very special needs.

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