January 2019 Newsletter

My heart aches every time I hear about a blind or visually impaired person who has struggled for years without access to the Bible because they didn't know about Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind program.  But it would be even more painful if I had to turn down a request for an Audio Bible because I didn't have one to send.

Today, we have more requests for free Audio Bibles than ever before.  We currently have a back-order of over 100 requests because our support has struggled to keep up with the demand.

You see, Aurora Ministries is committed to providing free Audio Bibles and other Bible teachings to print disabled individuals registered with the Library for the Blind and Print-Handicapped. That means we cannot send Audio Bibles unless someone like you makes it all possible.

That's why friends like you are such an important part of this ministry.  Gifts like yours allow us to send thousands of Audio Bibles, free of any cost, to people around the world who are blind, visually impaired, or physically unable to hold a book.  These people need the Word of God just as much as you and I do, but unlike us, they need to hear it.

Aurora Ministries regularly gives blind people the blessing of being able to "read" God's Word for themselves, without the need for assistance.  With an Audio Bible, they can plumb the depths of Scripture, find comfort in the Psalms, or seek guidance for daily living in the Epistles.  And for many who receive our Audio Bibles, they discover the path to the Savior through the Gospels.

God's Word is powerful.  More than any other book, it has the power to change lives--and that's true whether someone reads it or hears it!  So, thank you again for partnering with us through prayer support and possibly your generous financial support. 

Your gift today could truly be a blessing to all those who are waiting to hear God's Word.


Romans 10:17 King James (KJV)
It’s people like YOU who change lives!  If you believe in the life-changing Words of God and you believe in making sure the Bible is accessible for all, please join with us in ministry. 

Your contributions make it possible for us to continue providing the Audio Bible to blind, print-handicapped, and special needs individuals all over the world.

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