Giving Thanks for Everything | October 2019

The following is an excerpt from John MacArthur’s Q&A, “How to Give Thanks in Everything.”

A common question confronting every Christian is, how is it possible to give thanks for everything when everything includes things like personal tragedy?

“There's a great verse to answer that simple question, and it's Romans 8:28. And we know that all things work together for good. 

All things work together for good to those who are the called.  God has called a people to Himself—for them in their case—by His power, by His providence, He makes all things work together for their good. That's why we can be thankful in everything. It is possible to give thanks for absolutely everything because, whether it's good or bad, or I suppose neutral or indifferent, God takes all of those things and moves them in the direction of our good and for His glory.

That is the most encouraging statement that can be made to a believer—that no matter what happens in your life, what successes and failures, what triumphs and losses, what good things and bad things may come and go, God works them all to your good and His glory. Consequently, not because of the thing itself, but because of what God does with it, in everything we give Him thanks.”

John MacArthur
Grace to You Ministries 

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