August Newsletter | Lula

picture taken of Kamala greece during world war 2 with soldiers marching down the street.

A peaceful day quickly changed to panic as air-raid sirens began to wail from the town hall and everyone took cover quickly.  The echos from the sirens reminded Lulu, her family and others in town that today could be their last.

Lulu was born in the United States of America, but had moved with her family to her father’s small hometown of Kalamata in Greece.  Four years after the move, World War II erupted and the effects of war reached beyond the battlefield to touch the life of this fifteen-year-old girl.

With no money and only raisins and figs left by the previous tenant for food, Lula and her family had to either grow or manufacture everything they needed to survive.

Her father planted crops and kept goats for milk.  Her Mother took apart old sweaters they had brought from the States and turned umbrella spokes into knitting needles so the material could be re-knit into sizes that fit. Lulu and her sister made their own shoes from cardboard and braided strips of bamboo.  They had no refrigeration, so the pork meat from the pigs they raised had to be preserved in jars for oil and water had to be hauled from three miles away in ceramic jugs which they carried on their shoulders.

 Any time not spent laboring and learning to improvise to meet basic needs was drawn out in boredom.  With only one magazine she brought from the States to occupy her time, Lula memorized every sentence.  Cold evenings were spent huddled around a single kettle for

warmth since they had no heat or electricity.  Once the light of day faded into night, the family would retire to their beds for lack of anything else to do.  Their only recreation was going to church where Lula occupied her mind with memorizing scripture.

Five years had gone by and Lulu was grateful to have survived frequent bombings and to have escaped the imprisonment she would have faced had she been betrayed as an American to the Germans who raided their village for supplies.  Soon she found work as an interpreter with the United Nations and there experienced one of the highlights of her life.  While in Athens, she sat in a meeting and interpreted for General Eisenhower as he spoke with her boss. She was delighted to find him be “a wonderful man” who spoke cordially to her.

Soon thereafter, Lula and her family were able to leave Greece and return to her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.  Amid exuberant friends and family, Lula knelt down on the pavement and kissed the ground saying, “Thank you, God, for allowing me to come back to my birthplace where I belong.”

Many years later, Lula became visually impaired when an infection developed in her right eye following cataract surgery.  Sadly, she lost sight in that eye the following day.  Combined with the macular degeneration in her other eye, she was left bland and unable to read her Bible.

Aurora Ministries was able to provide Lula with an audio Bible in English and Greek.  Lula is thrilled to not only have access to God’s Word again but in such an easy-to-use format as well.  Lula says, “I want you to know how much joy it brings us to be able to listen to the Bible when we are cooped up and don’t know what the future holds.”

Lula’s story may be unique but not her joy and gratitude.  We hear daily from those who have suffered the loss of their vision and can’t afford an audio Bible.  These grateful recipients are simply overjoyed to receive their own Bible from Aurora Ministries and the Audio Bibles for the blind program.

Your donation will help place Bibles into the hands of people all around the globe.  Whatever you send will make an eternal difference in the lives of people living with a print disability. 

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