August 2021 Newsletter | Doris

Aurora Ministries has been providing the greatest book of all time—The Holy Bible—for more than fifty years in audio form. 

Aurora Ministries originally started as Bible Alliance, founded by Anthony Rossi, a Christian entrepreneur and founder of Tropicana, with the main purpose of giving blind and print-handicapped people free Audio Bibles on audio cassette tapes. 

Even though we no longer use the old-fashioned cassette tapes, having the Bible in audio form is still very important to many Audio Bible recipients. 

Doris says, “It is over twenty years since I’ve been able to actually read my Bible and you can imagine what pleasure it gives me to once again have it at my finger tips.” 

According to a report by the National Federation of the Blind, fewer than 10% of 1.3 million blind users in the United States are able to read Braille. 

Part of the reason why non-Braille readers are so few is because over half of the blind are 65 years of age or older. 

Many of these seniors weren’t born blind so they haven’t had the same opportunities to learn Braille as a person who was born blind or visually impaired. 

For Doris, she is one of the few older adults which have received some Braille training. 

“Although I am now learning to read Braille, I think it would’ve been a long time before I became competent enough to cope with the fully contracted Braille [grade 2] that the Bible is printed [embossed] in,” says Doris. 

There are many reasons why Aurora Ministries, decades later, is still able to give the Audio Bible—free of cost—to blind everywhere.   I would like to share with you a couple of the main reasons: 

The first reason is God has provided us with amazing volunteers over our fifty years. There is no way we could afford paid staff to do many of the daily tasks we need done in order to get an Audio Bible into the hands of someone needing to hear God’s Word. 

The second reason is God has provided us with great supporters—both financial supporters and prayer supporters. 

With hundreds of applications and requests for our free Audio Bibles coming in each month from certified blind and print-handicapped users, like Doris, it can be a very expensive.  And this is why we write and share these stories with you. 

Maybe you would like to help support Aurora Ministries this month so we can fulfill each and every request received.  Whether you are one of our regular supporters or want to send a donation for the first time, every gift received helps! 

Doris has one last message to share with you, “Once again, my most sincere thanks to you for this good work you are doing.”