August 2019 Newsletter | Willie

It happened in an instant.  An unstoppable, unavoidable, unpredictable moment that Willie wishes he could forget, but never will . . .
The day he could no longer read his beloved well-worn, dog-eared Bible.
I’ve never seen Willie’s Bible, but from what I know about him, it’s safe to say it also probably served as a spiritual journal.  I can imagine the notes in the margin from sermons long past . . . the brief recordings of answered prayer . . . the scribbled pleas for God’s help in moments of desperation.
Willie’s Bible was more than a book . . . it was a testament of his faith . . . his rock . . . his salvation . . . and his guide.
Glaucoma robbed this retired furniture delivery man of his precious treasure, devastating him.  
“My parents brought our family up in church and in the knowledge of the Lord,” he explains.  “Loving God and loving the Scriptures!  We always spent time getting to know God through His Word.”
For years, Willie relied on others to read the Bible to him when they had time.  But his daughter tragically died and his wife became so terribly ill she now relies on an oxygen tank.  Reading out loud has become a near impossible chore for her.
Matthew 19:26 comes powerfully to mind:  "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
You see, just when it looked impossible for Willie ever to enjoy the Bible again, God, in His infinite wisdom, made it possible.  Working through the generous hearts of friends like you, God orchestrated the delivery of Willie’s very own Audio Bible . . .
“Your Audio Bible is now the only way I can get into God’s Word for myself,” he smiles.  “At last it’s now easier to spend time with God and gain insights into His Word.  I needed easy access to the Bible because it’s my spiritual food.”
Yet so many here at home and throughout the world still hunger as Willie did.  Some like Willie are visually impaired.  Others are too ill to hold a Bible on their own.  So many are depending on Audio Bibles to satisfy the longing in their souls.
And we are depending on generous friends like you to help us answer God’s call to deliver His Word — FREE OF CHARGE — to those who need it most.
Please help by sharing a gift today.  Only God knows the total return on your investment.  But you can rest assured it will be significant.  Willie is living proof. 
Once delivering furniture for a living . . . Willie is now delivering God’s Word to churches and congregations each week!
“I use my Audio Bible from you each and every day,” he explains.  “I enjoy listening to the Bible and preparing my sermons.  I love your ministry for giving me a Bible again for my very own.”
How many Willies can you help reach with an Audio Bible?  One person with your most generous gift?  Maybe two?
Maybe, like me, Willie’s story has inspired you deeply enough to share a gift even to provide FREE Audio Bibles for three or more people like Willie.
Whatever you can share, please know how grateful we are for your support and prayers.  Let me be the first to thank you in advance on behalf of those who are touched by your generosity.

P.S. Urgent need this month!  Requests for Audio Bibles in the month of August more than tripled!  We've run completely out of Audio Bibles and need to make more.  More than a hundred people are already on back order and are waiting for access to the Bible.

Its a huge blessing to be given the opportunity to share God's Word with so many new blind and visually-impaired users, but we need your help as our funding has dropped significantly this year and only enough to keep up with the normal volume of Audio Bible requests.

Can we count on you to help with this increased demand?  Maybe you can share this email with friends, family, or even your church to tell them about what Aurora Ministries and our Audio Bibles for the Blind ministry is doing to make the Bible available to people that have lost the ability to read and have no access to the Bible - the blind, visually impaired, low vision, and special needs. 
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