August 2018 Newsletter | Changing Times

August 2018 Newsletter | Changing Times

In 2010, we wrote an article about the “Changing Times” in our Summer Newsletter. This article talked about how fast technology was changing, especially technology used by the blind and visually-impaired all over the world.

We talked about how many of the experts, at that time, were predicting the end of audio cassette tapes—which became a reality.  Even if you still had a cassette tape today, that was able to withstand the test of time, finding a working cassette player to use it in could be difficult.
The National Library Service had just released the new “digital” Talking Book players and was slowly converting everyone’s cassette players to the new digital service.  Many users seemed to be unhappy with the change, but as they got used to the new player, they found it was much easier to manage and listen to their books—especially the Bible.
To be honest, this was a difficult time for the ministry. We were still providing cassette Audio Bibles to some and digital Audio Bibles to others.  The process, as well as the cost was overwhelming at times, and we had to put strict limits on the number of digital Audio Bibles we could provide each month. 
This limit caused many people, who wanted the new digital Audio Bibles, to have to purchase a blank cartridge from the library service and send it to us so we could put the Audio Bible on it for them.  There were also times when we had to turn people away because we didn’t have the funding available to help everyone. It was heartbreaking to the entire staff.
We unfortunately watched other ministries similar to ours also go through struggles of the changing times.  Far too many closed their doors permanently because the financial burden to change was too great.
But by His Grace, prayers were answered!  Through the financial support of many of our recipients, their friends, families, churches and even many of the professionals who referred their clients to us, we’ve been able to provide digital Audio Bibles to thousands of people FREE OF CHARGE.
In fact, just today alone, our staff and volunteers printed nearly one-hundred digital Audio Bible orders that need to be produced, packed and shipped.
Our goal is still to make sure every blind person has an accessible Audio Bible they get to keep and use anytime they want.  We can do this by providing one free digital cartridge to each person.
But it’s not over—technology is changing faster than ever!  Whatever technology becomes available which gives blind and print-disabled users the ability to hear and use a Bible, we will keep moving forward to make sure it’s available to them.
If you are one of our financial supporters who is helping us keep up with the changing times, THANK YOU!  We couldn’t do this without your partnership.
Maybe you have considered partnering with us?  You just might be giving the gift someone desperately needs.  Will you give as generously as you can, on behalf of God’s Word and our blind and visually-impaired brothers and sisters who long to hear it?

Please, prayerfully consider how you might partner with us.

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  • Allen Decker