April 2018 Newsletter | David

“The first thing I’ll see is the face of Jesus.” 

As a valued partner of Audio Bibles for the Blind, I want you to be among the first to read the words above. 

You see, by God’s grace, you helped make them possible.  And you need only to read the story below to realize just how miraculous they are coming from someone like David . . .

. . . someone who once believed he was in hell.

I’m not exaggerating.  David was struck by a vehicle while helping a woman whose car had spun out of control and slammed into a guard rail. 

David, a young father, was unconscious the first 40 of the 48 days he was in the hospital. 

By his side were his distraught wife and three young children.

As he faded in and out of consciousness, his wife explained that he had been in a car accident.  Disoriented by pain medication, the memories of others he had seen die in auto collisions came flooding back.  Worst of all . . .

. . . when he opened his eyes there was only a veil of black!  In his mind, he was dead.  David searched for the face of Jesus but found only impenetrable darkness. 

I thought I was in hell,” he says emotionally.

Before the accident, David had been raised in church . . . he knew the Bible stories . . . but he did not know the Lord.  Before the car struck him down, he could see, but the eyes of his heart were closed.

“We were going completely down the wrong path as a family,” David explains.  “We were not going to church.”  The accident left David blind, but his interest in developing a closer relationship with Jesus grew.  The Lord led him to Audio Bibles for the Blind and he’s been a radically changed man ever since . . . thanks to the gifts of friends like you.

Totally blind, David listens to his Audio Bible every night.  He recognizes that he will sacrifice much here on this earth but has everything to gain in heaven!

I’m going to miss seeing a lot of things in my kids’ lives,” he says.  “My daughter’s face at her wedding . . . my son sliding across home plate.  But I will get to see them in heaven . . . AND SEE THE FACE OF JESUS!  It’s all worth it.  The first thing I’ll see is the face of Jesus!

Can you imagine . . . a man who is thankful he’s blind because the eyes of his heart are now opened to our Lord’s saving grace?

This is the kind of unrelenting joy you are helping provide through every Audio Bible you help put into the hands of someone like David.  You see, God works through the generous hearts of friends like you to help make a life-changing, eternal difference.

I encourage you to pray about what kind of difference He’s leading you to make today. 

We receive hundreds of requests from people crying out for God’s Word every single month, and we need your help.  Only through your generous support — and that of all our friends — can we continue rushing Audio Bibles FREE OF CHARGE to those who need them most.

I’m praying you won’t hesitate to write a check right now to put God’s Word into the hands — and heart — of someone like David free of charge

Whatever you can share will help make an eternal difference for people who are blind or print-disabled.

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P.S.    Never forget:  “Always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15:58, NKJV).  Thank you for your labor today as we work together to help make an eternal difference for so many more like David.